He doesn’t have much of a neck..

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buying $90 anime merch at a con: oh heck yes i love this so much take my money right now
buying $4 sandwich at a con: are you fucking kidding me that's so expensive screw this I have ramen in my hotel room
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do you dream of owning a plastic a dog the size of a baby fist, that is slightly used and found in some internet kid’s basement? some of them have scarves and crayon on them but they have good faces and good attitudes
there are 28 of them
7 winners chosen by a Random Number Generator
4 dogs for a winner. maybe you can win twice but you should waste that luck on a lottery ticket instead
i dont know about shipping out of the US but we’ll see
i dont want followers for this i want to give you all these dogs + one plastic piece of pie
likes + reblogs count but multiple reblogs mean no-shit to me
giveaway ends august 28th because 28 dogs including a plastic piece of pie

also i’ll draw you something


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いぬぱん5 | 商品詳細 | ガシャポンワールド


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hot dog flavored chips from 7-11 contain 10% of your vitamin c for the day

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